P.E. 101 is a kids gym that focuses on making fitness fun, learning,
and development for ages 1 to 10.
We promote fitness and living an overall healthy lifestyle for the
children while making it fun! P.E. 101 offers many different
services to the community and has done so for over ten years.

Open play time is a big hit a P.E.101 and gives your child a chance to
run around and create their own fun with fitness! We also provide
private birthday parties,holiday camps during school breaks and in
the summer as well as classes focusing on fitness, fun, and
development. There are memberships available and field trip deals!   
P.E. 101 has just transitioned to new ownership so there are lots of
new changes ahead. Come check us out and have some fun!

  • P.E. 101 has been a
    pillar of the community
    for over 10 years.
  • Ask about our monthly
  • Punch cards  available!
  • New open play times!
  • Ask about our field trips
    and DISCOUNTS!
  • We welcome groups to
    come at special rates!

  • Kids Gym Party Dec.19th
    5pm- 9pm!! Sign up
  • Wrap Party Coming
    SOON! Sign up TODAY!
P.E. 101 Kids Gym
P.E. 101 Kids Gym
2920 N 118th Circle, Omaha, NE 68164 · (402) 445-8343
P.E. 101 Kids Gym
2920 N 118th Street, Omaha, NE 68164 · (402) 445-8343
All rights reserved.
Between Blondo and Maple on 120th Street
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